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In the show ring

We only show lightly but all the Charoite dogs have been in the ring at some point. Five of the dogs so far have their Stud Book Numbers. These are our showing highlights!


 Aceca's Witchy Woman of Charoite

1 RCC (Karsten Gronas of the influential Vargevass kennel in Central Sweden), several 1st places in Limit and 2nd places in Open at Championship level as well as numerous Best of Breeds at Open Shows.

"Grey and white. Well constructed who I liked very much. Nice head and expression with good bone and angulations of both shoulders and rear. Good tail, nice coat. Very sound mover," Julie Foard, East of England Championship Show (1st Limit Bitch).

"G/W left her coat at home but her proportions, angulation and condition were all superb, she outmoved the rest of the class with a free and easy movement that had drive and substance. In the Challenge her fabulous shoulders gave her the edge," Nicky Spowart, Scottish Siberian Husky Club April Open Show, 1st Limit Bitch and RBB.


 Charoite Raven's Brew

Spook, like his sister Hexie, is taking a long time to mature which is just at it should be for Siberians. He is starting to come together well and this year will do a few shows. He started well by winning Postgraduate Dog at the SHCGB Championship show under Catherine Lewis. He has also had a 2nd in Postgraduate from Sarah Robinson (Rigrunner).

"A boy who came to the show in his underwear and was showing off all his good structure as a result. He was a picture of perfect body condition and muscling and this showed in his easy, far reaching, sound movement. All angles balanced front and rear with equal bone lengths in shoulder and rear assembly. Really good arch of neck, with head set on nicely and an eager, interested expression. Eye set was good, head very masculine, ears could be a little higher. Firm topline, held on the move, very nicely shaped ribcage with a strong, flexible loin. Feet well padded and pasterns correct length, well sloped. A very workmanlike dog with everything in the right place," Catherine Lewis (Wayreth)



 Zima Chilkat of Charoite

Recently earned her Stud Book Number by winning Limit at Three Counties Championship Show under Julie Foard. Several Best Puppy in Breed Awards at Championship and Open Level, Best of Breed at East of England Ladies Kennel Society Show (Andrew Grisbrooke, Azgard).

"B/W bitch, excellent head shape, good earset, oblique almond shaped eyes, close fitting well pigmented lips, good length of back, depth and width of chest, good reach & rear drive, tail set well and carried high in a sickle shape, well angulated at front, correct pasterns, nice to watch on the move, smooth topline, level whilst standing, out of coat, Has all the attributes of a good working Siberian."



Pyewacket recently took the RDCC at WELKS under Simon Luxmoore. This followed another RDCC at Crufts 2013 under Mark Theaker after winning a strong Open Dog class.

He won his first CC last year at the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Championship Show under judge Chris Barry. He was also awarded Best in Show. 

2nd in Open Dog (earned his Stud Book Number) at SWKA Championship show under judge Andrew Grisbrooke. BPIB (Simon Luxmoore, Zima), numerous 1st places in puppy and junior at Championship and Open Show Level. 

"Absolutely loved this boy, so well balanced, super head, great outline, correct sloping pasterns, correct level top line, well laid hocks, good tail set. Moved with lots of reach and drive, CC BIS," Chris Barry, Azgard

"Nice outline, presents super expression, nice reach of neck, good length of back gives great ease of movement, RCC," Mark Theaker, Huskidoo.

"Another excellent example of the breed who was shown in excellent hard condition, typical standard fitting head, well set ears, sufficient refinement of muzzle and correct stop, excellent reach of neck, good top line, well angled croup, correct tail set and carriage, covered plenty of ground on the move, nice medium bone, good fit feet and well angled pasterns," Simon Luxmoore, Hushwing.

"This dog really excels in his construction, with everything in the right place and just the structure needed to carry him effortlessly across the miles. He is an understated, medium sized lad who just has “moderate” written all over him. Again, he has a really good shoulder, with a correctly laid back upper arm and equal bone lengths. His hind angulation is also correct and balances his front perfectly. His topline is firm and his loin well developed and of good length. Legs are strong but in no way coarse, his feet and pasterns are really super, and his croup, tailset and carriage and general deportment are outstanding. His head is correct, with obliquely set eyes and ears of a good shape. For me, a little bit more refinement would but the icing on the cake, but he is masculine without being coarse and has a gently mischievous expression. On the move he was a joy to watch, with long, elastic strides and very sound single tracking coming and going. I have no doubt that he will have his day very soon," Catherine Lewis (Wayreth) 



 Charoite Witch's Brew

3 CCs, 1 RCC 

3rd CC under Sharon Sargent at Three Counties, June 2012, earning him the title of Champion.

2nd CC with BOB, under judge Andrew Grisbrooke at SWKA Championship Show, October 2011.

1st CC, City of Birmingham Championship show under judge Sheryl Leich (Forstal), September 2011.

RCC, Welsh Kennel Club under Sally Leich (Forstal) August 2012

"Pale g/w with collar. Refined, attractive head. Correct sloping pasterns. Good arched loin. Very well angulated. Gives the impression of great strength and athleticism. Good length of leg, Nice reach of neck. Moved beautifully from the outset, really easy, ground covering gait from the side, true coming and going." Sheryl Leich (Forstal). 

Gr/w, very solid & well muscled male, although he didn’t hold his ears for the best earset at all times. Good proportion to the head, correct eye shape, great angulation & length of bone. Good reach & drive, well balanced, the temperament of this dog as far as the Standard goes is fantastic, so I am seeing an animal here that fits its function very well both physically & mentally, which is why he made BOB. CC & BOB, Andrew Grisbrooke (Azgard

Pale grey/white, brown eyes, nicely proportioned head with mischievous expression although sometimes doesn't want to put his ears up!

Ideally proportioned, excellent feet, correctly sloping pasterns. wonderful shoulders and upper arms, correct slight arch over loin, excellent hindquarters with sloping croup and correct tail carriage, correct length to second thigh, moved easily & freely demonstrating correct reach and drive. In good coat, presented in great bloom, exudes athleticism and carries some of the hardest muscle I have ever felt, beat some top quality opposition to win a well-deserved 3rd CC. Sharon Sargent, (Keriquel)

Very typical, functional & workmanlike g/w fellow with excellent angulation, topline, croup & tail carriage. In very good coat & well muscled condition, attractive head & expression & a good earset when he puts them up, another with really outstanding ground covering, & smooth & light footed movement, absolutely true front & rear. A very worthy Ch & well deserved RCC, who was pushing hard in the challenge, Sally Leich (Forstal) 


1 RCC (Simon Luxmoore, Zima), numerous 1st places in Limit and Open at Championship level.

"Another I have admired for some years. This B/W has good leg length and holds a strong top line. Excellent angulation, covers lots of ground, nice croup with a well set tail. Shown in good condition and has a super tight double coat. Well handled and presented."