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Trail !

It's the end of another race season and 2012/13 has been another great winter for the Charoite Siberians and their friends and team-mates at Mystic Energy. 

The dogs have been as awesome as ever, always giving their utmost and eating up the trail with focus and astounding drive.  If it wasn't for the mud in your face, you'd have to grin all the way around. Full results for our season can be found here but highlights include Pyewacket, Brew, Hexie and Spook taking the silver medal in the BSHRA four dog championship, winning Delamere for the 2nd year running and putting in the quickest time at the SHCGB Sherwood race. Hexie, Spook and Brew also won the three dog class at the Scottish National Championships.  

Mel running Brew, Pyewacket, Hexie and Spook at Sherwood Forest, a blinding run :-). Picture by Helen Wood of Siberprint. 

It's been a funny old season this time with the weather certainly not on our side. We've seen cancelled events and shorter than usual trails. The Aviemore rally only managed one day this year due to snow on the trail freezing dangerously after overnight rain and the race we planned to attend on our way home was ironically snow and ice free but flooded out! I did manage to do the trek at Aviemore for the first time with veteran team Daisy, Delta and Shadow and really enjoyed the experience of doing something completely different with the dogs.

Kev and the four dog team at Kings Forest (photo by Tonin Aguilera) 

We try to make sure all of the "runners" get an outing on the trail at races, even if they are not the quickest of our dogs, so we often put out three teams between us which makes race days pretty hectic to say the least! Kev has also had the amazing Millie and Rogue (Raven's pups from last summer) to take out for recreational runs after the racing has finished. That and making sure the retired team members get a good walk in whatever lovely forest is our base for the weekend means Mondays back at work are often our only chance for a rest! 

Mel on a rare trip out with a six dog team at Cranwich (pic by Helen Wood of Siberprint) 
The "serious" business of racing is now over until November but these hard working huskies won't be 
hanging up their harnesses as the spring and early summer still hold plenty of training runs as well as shorter fun runs to blow away the cobwebs as the weather warms up. These are dogs who love to run and are never happier than when they are being hooked onto the training rig early in the morning or on a cool evening, whatever the month. 
For information on sled dog racing and working huskies in the UK, please have a look at some of the home pages of the organisations listed on my links page.
To see more pictures of the dogs in action please visit our Picture Books for this and previous seasons.